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About Us

We are artists

ADuckOnARock ProDucktions has been around In Chicago, IL since 2011 when Michael Sherry, Austin Kinser, and Tyler Kinser, after performing in a theatre proDucktion together, decided to make a film. They all had been acting since a young age, and all had a strong passion for film. So they decided to join forces and, thus, ADuckOnARock was born. It has been evolving and growing ever since.

We are storytellers

ADuckOnARock ProDucktions strives to be one thing. A versatile film company. We started out with our first film, A Man's Game, which was a war film. Since then, we have broadened our horizons and worked various different genres, from physcological thrillers to improv comedies. We don't want to stop there. There really is no project we  won't consider.

We are team players

We are in love with making films and telling stories that will last forever. We also are always wanting to surround ourselves with like-minded people and are constantly looking to expand our professional network. So if you have a story to tell, reach out us, and let's tell it to the world together.